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ROUMAI stands at the forefront of modern innovation, pioneering advancements in the fields of regenerative medicine, high-technology cosmetics, and cutting-edge electronic devices. Our mission is deeply rooted in the desire to significantly improve the quality and expectancy of life for individuals around the globe. Through relentless research and development, ROUMAI has emerged as a leader in creating groundbreaking solutions that combine the latest scientific research with practical applications.
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Medical products that enable healing, restoring and real-time monitoring.
RegeneVessel TEBV
Electronic Blood Vessel
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Bioelectronics and laboratory devices that bring the future today.
CellCoder Portable Electroporator
16-channel sEGM Bracelet
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Skin care and anti-aging products enhaced by regenerative technologies.
RégéneColla Active Collagen Skin Care
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EPFL Innovation Park

Located adjacent to the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) campus in Switzerland, is a thriving hub for innovation and technology development. This park is designed to foster synergies between academia and industry, facilitating the transfer of cutting-edge research to practical, market-ready applications.
The park offers state-of-the-art facilities and an environment conducive to growth and innovation, providing office spaces, research labs, and access to EPFL’s wide network of experts and resources. Regular events and workshops promote knowledge exchange and networking, enhancing the collaborative spirit. As a nexus of technological advancement, EPFL Innovation Park plays a crucial role in driving economic growth and innovation in the region, making it a key player in the global tech ecosystem.

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Shenzhen Nanshan Innovation Park

Shenzhen Nanshan Innovation Park, situated in the bustling Nanshan district of Shenzhen, China, is a prominent hub for technology and innovation. The park plays a crucial role in the region's technological development, focusing on high-tech industries such as information technology, biotechnology, and advanced manufacturing.
Equipped with modern facilities, the park offers a supportive environment for businesses to grow and innovate. It benefits from Shenzhen's strategic position as a gateway to global markets and its status as a leader in China's economic reform and technological advancement. Shenzhen Nanshan Innovation Park not only boosts local economic development but also contributes significantly to the technological prowess of the region on a global scale.

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Biopôle Campus Lausanne

Biopôle in Lausanne, Switzerland, is a premier life sciences campus fostering innovation in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and precision medicine. It hosts a dynamic community including researchers, startups, and multinational enterprises, supported by top-notch facilities and close connections to the University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV) and the University of Lausanne (UNIL). This collaborative environment accelerates the development of groundbreaking healthcare solutions. Regular events and workshops further enhance synergy among members, making Biopôle a vital hub for scientific and clinical advancements in a scenic setting near Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps.

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