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The next-generation artificial blood vessel at your fingertip

We bring you a small-diameter artificial blood vessel that can regenerate and do things beyond your imagination.

Roumai 's vision

Roumai Medical is a cutting-edge enterprise committed to developing innovative and reliable implantable medical devices that enhance the clinical experience and extend human life expectancy. With R&D centers in China and Switzerland, we collaborate with international pharmaceutical companies to attract top talent for tackling the most challenging medical problems.

Our focus lies in addressing clinical indications such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases as well as diabetes. We have developed a range of medical devices and advanced therapeutic services with high technological barriers, including electronic blood vessels, pancreatic artificial blood vessels, brain-machine interfaces, and more.

Our electronic blood vessels mimic the natural structure and function of human blood vessels, providing a safe and reliable alternative to traditional vascular grafts. Similarly, our pancreatic artificial blood vessels have the potential to revolutionize the treatment of diabetes by regulating glucose levels through an implanted device.

In addition, our brain-machine interface technology aims to bridge the gap between humans and machines, providing new possibilities for the treatment of neurological disorders and restoring lost motor functions.

Latest News

Featured Publications

A Soft and Absorbable Temporary Epicardial Pacing Wire,
Hang C, Ding L, Cheng SY, Dong RH, Qi J, Liu XY, Liu Q, Zhang Y, Jiang XY

Advanced Materials


A Soft, Conductive External Stent Inhibits Intimal Hyperplasia in Vein Grafts by Electroporation and Mechanical Restriction,
Ding L, Hang C, Cheng SY, Jia LJ, Mou L, Tang LX, Zhang CL, Xie YZY, Zheng WF, Zhang Y, Jiang XY

ACS Nano


Electronic Blood Vessel,
Cheng SY, Hang C, Ding L, Jia LJ, Tang LX, Mou L, Qi J, Dong RH, Zheng WF, Zhang Y, Jiang XY



Large-Scale Fabrication of Highly Elastic Conductors on a Broad Range of Surfaces,
Tang LX, Mou L, Zhang W, Jiang XY

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces


Synthesizing Living Tissues with Microfluidics,
Zheng WF, Jiang XY

Accounts of Chemical Research


A Strategy for Rapid Construction of Blood Vessel-Like Structures with Complex Cell Alignments,
Wang NX, Peng YH, Zheng WF, Tang LX, Cheng SY, Yang JC, Liu SQ, Zhang W, Jiang XY

Macromolecular Bioscience


Printable Metal-Polymer Conductors for Highly Stretchable Bio-Devices,
Tang LX, Cheng SY, Zhang LY, Mi HB, Mou L, Yang SJ, Huang ZW, Shi XH, Jiang XY



Self-Adjusting, Polymeric Multilayered Roll that can Keep the Shapes of the Blood Vessel Scaffolds during Biodegradation,
Cheng SY, Jin Y, Wang NX, Cao F, Zhang W, Bai W, Zheng WF, Jiang XY

Advanced Materials


Join us and build the new regenerative medicine era.

Tissue Engineered Blood Vessels (TEBV)

Regenerative Medicine is at the forefront of a revolution in healthcare, offering new hope to patients and enabling people to live longer, healthier lives. One of our latest developments is off-the-shelf, immediately available, tissue-engineered blood vessels that can potentially transform the treatment of various vascular diseases, including coronary artery diseases, peripheral arterial diseases, and arteriovenous access for hemodialysis. 


Compared to traditional vascular grafts, our TEBV offers improved biocompatibility,  self-remodeling ability, and reduced risk of immune reactions. Moreover, our blood vessels can be produced in large quantities, allowing for widespread availability and immediate use in critical situations.

No need for donor

No secondary surgery


Self-modeling & Regenerative

Electronic Blood Vessels (EBV)

Implantable Bioelectronics is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by making possible the treatment of diseases that were previously considered impossible to cure. Our latest innovation, electronic blood vessels, represents a significant breakthrough in the field of implantable bioelectronics. With this technology, we aim to create a human-machine interface platform that can improve the health condition of patients suffering from severe cardiac diseases, diabetes, and neurological disorders.

Our transformative platform technology enables treatments such as electrical stimulation and gene therapy. By providing a reliable and efficient solution to previously untreatable diseases, we are confident that our technology will bring new hope to patients and their families around the world.

Stimulation therapy

Gene therapy

Continuously monitoring

We are at the center of innovation with the support of our partners.

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