Human Machine ASIC

An ASIC specifically designed for HMIs can significantly enhance performance, efficiency, and reliability.

At the core of Roumai's target product, the Intelligent Stent System (ISS), is a rechargeable battery-powered IWCU (Implantable Wireless Control Unit) implanted just beneath the skin (< 5 mm) and powered using wireless transfer technology. This unit communicates bi-directionally with an external patch wirelessly, forming a seamless connection between the implant and external devices.

The IWCU features an ASIC specifically tailored to the needs of the ISS. This ASIC includes multiple functions such as more than 96-channel A/D converters, microprocessors, wireless communication capabilities, and multiple voltage or current actuators (>50 Volts), all powered by embedded signal preprocessing algorithms. The preprocessed signal is wirelessly communicated in real-time to an off-body device, which uses dedicated deep learning algorithms to detect restenosis. The stent itself is applied using standard techniques.

While the ASIC is designed specifically for the ISS, its unique versatility, minimal footprint, and high number of sensor and actuator interfaces at very low power make it applicable to various other uses, such as sEMG (Electromyograms) or even Brain Machine Interfaces.

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