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At ROUMAI, we are scientists at heart.
Our ability to innovate and advance depends on the performance of the tools providing reliable results essential for driving development forward. It is for this very reason that we created the CellCoder Portable Electroporator.
Born out of the need to refine and enhance our processes.

CellCoder PRO

Core unit of the electroporation system, seamlessly execute your commands. Simplistic design with intuitive user experience.

Featured Accesories

Module Octuple

Electroporate 8 cuvettes in single run, dramatically increase the volume of experiments conducted at one time, facilitating comparative studies and statistical analysis with enhanced robustness and quicker data collection.

Module Unity

Single runs with a single cuvette are ideal for low-throughput transfections using well-established protocols. This design caters to users requiring greater agility in their experiments.

CellCoder Cuvettes

Cuvettes with 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm electrode gaps.

Portable, Small Lab Footprint

Smaller devices minimize air flow disruption within the hood, which is essential for maintaining a sterile environment. A smaller device also facilitates cleaning and decontamination processes, ensuring that the workspace remains safe and compliant with stringent laboratory safety standards.

Neon Nxt®
ECM 830®
15.5 cm
24.1 cm
29 cm
32 cm
15.5 cm
25.1 cm
21 cm
29 cm
3.6 cm
19.3 cm
8 cm
22 cm
0.78 kg
5.4 kg

Powerful, Long Battery Life

After one full charge, CellCoder can produce more than 3000 electric pulse allowing more than 1000 transfections. This feature is critical during lengthy or multiple experimental runs. This reliability reduces downtime and enhances productivity, allowing researchers to complete their experiments without interruption.

Reliable Pulse Generation

After each pulse generartion CellCoder can trace the actual output and compare it with your setting, make sure the output corresponds to what you expect. It ensures precision and reproducibility in experiments. Furthermore, traceability aids in troubleshooting and optimizing protocols by allowing scientists to refine their techniques based on past outcomes, thereby enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of their research.

Multiple Magnetic Modules

Magnetic connectors enable rapid and secure attachment and detachment of different modules, reducing setup time and minimizing the risk of connection errors. Now you can swiftly switch between different types of experiments or adapt to varying sample requirements and facilitating a broader range of research activities within the same laboratory setup.

Easy-to-use User Interface

Removing all the knobs and switches, electroporation has never been so intuitive. With our App CellCoder Script, researchers can quickly set up and modify experimental conditions, reuse previous parameters, review and export experiment results. No need for extensive training. You can now focus more on the experimental procedures rather than on operating the equipment. The built-in safety features and error-checking mechanisms further ensure the integrity and safety of the experiments.

CellCoder Script

Wireless, No Need of Cables

Wireless control and cableless powering minimizes the need to physically interact with the electroporator reducing contamination risks and keeps a clean workspace.

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Search this library to find protocols and citations curated to fit your experimental needs.

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