Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology offers innovative solutions to complex biomedical challenges.

Synthetic biology redefines biological engineering by redesigning biological systems and creating new ones. At Roumai Medical, this cutting-edge field allows scientists to engineer cells, proteins, and genetic circuits that replicate natural processes, crucial for developing advanced therapies for tissue regeneration and personalized medicine.Artificial blood vessels, engineered to mimic natural vascular structures, improve tissue regeneration and transplantation.

These synthetic vessels ensure proper blood flow and integration with existing tissues, vital for patients requiring vascular grafts. By using biocompatible materials and engineered cells, these vessels grow and adapt within the body, customized to match the patient’s genetic profile, reducing immune rejection risks.Custom collagen, essential for structural integrity in tissues, is produced by engineering cells to match specific genetic profiles.

This personalized collagen enhances wound healing, cosmetic procedures, and treatment of connective tissue disorders. Engineered collagen provides scaffolds that promote cell attachment and proliferation, accelerating healing and improving treatment outcomes.