MEMS Smart Sensors

MEMS smart sensors are indispensable components that enhance sophistication and responsiveness.

For its target product, the Intelligent Stent System (ISS), Roumai Medical is developing a MEMS device in the form of a stent. This stent will feature multiple electrodes and ultrasonic transducers connected to an implantable wireless control unit, powered by a custom ASIC. The electrodes and ultrasonic transducers will be located at the stent's nodes, with the potential to integrate additional sensors, such as flow or biochemical sensors, in the future. The primary function of this MEMS device is to emit ultrasounds and collect reflections for continuous ultrasonic monitoring of the vessel wall, enabling the detection of restenosis.

The ultimate function of this MEMS device is to deliver targeted gene therapy to blood vessel cells, thereby reprogramming cells to prevent restenosis. This is achieved by locally applying voltage/current to the cells through the MEMS device, effectively creating a miniaturized implantable electroporator. Roumai has already launched a portable electroporator, the CellCoder, to facilitate and accelerate research in cell engineering for bio-engineering companies, R&D labs, and universities.

This dedicated MEMS device will be adapted for various other applications, such as monitoring signals from the nervous system to enable sEMG (Electromyogram) operations. These functions will aid individuals and support augmented human capabilities by detecting multiple electronic signals and operating multiple actuators as needed.

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