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​​From the patients and back to the patients 

​Innovation could be a double-edged sword, we believe only mature products and technologies should be brought to the clinic and handed to patients.

Human Machine Interface

Restore both physiological and electrical connections in the damaged regions.


Maintain long-term patency with fast endothelization and the capability of growing.

Artificial pancreas 

Realize the function of pancreas elsewhere by regprograming the blood vessels.

Dialysis access

Significantly reduce clinical complications due to its regenerative nature.

Artificial intestine

Provide a solution for an infection-free intestine that can absorb nutrients.

20+ mm
Artificial esophagus 

Highly customizable and capable of growing with the patient.

Our products at a Glance

Company Roadmap

The idea is raised, and laboratory investigations are initiated.


2012 Feb.

The company is found in Shenzhen Nanshan.


2021 Oct.

The in-vitro blood vessel bioreactor Prototype is designed and built. 

First prototype

2021 Dec.

Level 10,000 clean room and interdisciplinary labs are ready.

Infrastructure ready

2022 Jun.

 R&D departments in Shenzhen and Lausanne are established.

Gathering talents

2023 Apr.

1st in international track


7th China Internet+

2nd in Biomedical track


Shenzhen IEIC

Biomedical track TOP 5


Innovation China

Most potential project



Company Awards

Develop gene networks and apply in-situ gene therapy to the implants.

Synthetic Biology

Designing and producing micro-nano circuits and patterns for miniaturized implants.


Exploring and testing different materials for implants and tissue scaffolds.

Material science

Designing electronic components and encapsulations for implantable devices.

Mechanics & Electronics

Cell culturing and training; exploring and regulating bio-fabrication.

Bioreactor & incubation

Regulating and conforming the manufacturing to GMP guidelines. Implementing quality control between batches.

GMP manufacturing & QC


Roumai medical has already established 6 R&D platforms to work on interdisciplinary projects and gather top talents to find solutions from different perspectives.

​Only high standard environment can deliver high quality products

Promote innovations by providing the best environments.

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