From the patients...

...and back to the patients.

Our Vision:

We believe in pushing the boundaries of humanity through scientific innovation

Our core belief is that advancing humanity requires pushing beyond known limits through innovation. This conviction drives us to explore new horizons, challenge the status quo, and relentlessly pursue breakthroughs that have the potential to transform lives. We see innovation not just as a means to an end but as a pathway to unlocking human potential and solving the complex challenges that face our world today.

Our Mission:

Developing mature and reliable biotechnologies

Innovation, while a powerful driver of progress, can indeed be a double-edged sword. At the heart of our philosophy is the conviction that only those products and technologies that have reached a state of maturity and reliability should be introduced to our customers and entrusted to patients. This is our commitment, this is our Mission.

Our Focus:

Regenerative Medicine and Human Machine Interface

Our focus centers on advancing Regenerative Medicine and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), aiming to revolutionize healthcare and enhance human capabilities. We strive to repair and rejuvenate the human body, offering hope and improved quality of life through innovative medical treatments and seamless technology integration. Our commitment to these fields reflects our vision for a future where technology and medicine unite to unlock humanity's full potential, underlining our dedication to improving human well-being and capabilities.

We are an international company at heart

EPFL Innovation Park

Our European Headquarter

Situated on the innovative campus of one of the world's most prestigious universities, this location is just steps away from Lake Geneva in Lausanne, one of Switzerland's most cosmopolitan cities and the Olympic world capital.


Our European R&D Lab

Situated at the Start Lab in the Biopôle life sciences campus in Lausanne, Switzerland. Hosting more than 2,500 individuals from leading global life sciences companies and research groups, Biopôle is a hub of innovation. Here, you'll find yourself at the heart of a dynamic exchange of ideas that transcends boundaries, generations, and disciplines. This environment fosters a collaborative spirit that energizes our entire community.

Shenzhen Nanshan iPark

Our Chinese Headquarter

Head quarters and GMP laboratory at Shenzhen Nanshan Innovation Biopark, located in the dynamic Nanshan district of Shenzhen, China. This particular area serves as a cornerstone for high-tech development and research in the region. This sprawling biopark is a hub for innovation, attracting a multitude of startups and established companies specializing in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare technologies.

Our Investors