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  • Design high-end electronic circuits for sensors and actuators with challenging specifications (e.g. filters, low power and low noise amplifiers, high speed analog-to-digital converters, clock generation circuits, high speed serializers, biasing and reference circuits, power management, high voltage/current generation, wireless communication, etc...)

  • Have the system level overview, understand or define the specifications at system level and propagate the specification budget to the building blocks and cells; 

  • Master the procedures and tools to build, simulate, verify and lay out large blocks and complex on-chip systems;

  • Understand and be able to link your work to the specifications and restrictions of the blocks or sub-system at higher and lower level of abstraction; 

  • Supervise and verify layout and make layout yourself (of critical blocks or at critical timeline); 

  • Collaborate closely in a real team spirit with external experts to build the circuits in the best and most efficient way;

  • Train internal colleagues during and after the project, preparing ourselves for designing new ASICs on our own;

  • Collaborate with specialists from our cross-disciplinary sensor development and medical application teams;

  • Participate to the writing of technical publications or patents as main or as co-author.

  • Possess a PhD degree in analog or mixed signal IC design, or a master’s degree in the same field with at least 3 years’ experience;

  • Be open to embrace new technologies and enjoy a multidisciplinary environment;

  • Be proactive.




Mix-signal IC Designer

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